The central fixation unifying my current paintings is the significance sports has towards life changes. I believe that sports offer an alternative perception of life. My work shows the ups and the downs, the glories, the memories, and the ending of a career. I offer an exclusive view of the sports world.

I was raised in the east side of Los Angeles and to keep out of trouble I was exposed to sports. Through the sports setting I got to learn the values of life. As I moved forward in my education, sports came hand in hand. I matured as a student but I credit sports for molding me into a man. I’ve been in the spotlight when times were great but I also experienced the lows. I have broken bones in my body and had numerous surgeries during my sports career and I hold no regrets, I cherish these lows because this is where I learned to overcome adversity, never settling for less. I apply this work ethic to my production of art. I will stop at nothing to complete whatever I set my mind to and right now my goal is pursing my art.

It wasn’t until my ending years of college football when I felt the urge to embody my art into sport subjects. You can’t fully understand the intensity and overwhelming adrenaline rushing through your body until a 300lb+ Defensive Line is chasing you down in pursuit of a tackle. I have and there is certainly a stressed emotion that I want to expose.

My application of paint is heavily induced and essential to achieve passion and movement through my work.  Most of my paintings are from imagination but when I do work from a photo I take the first session as my sketching period. Once this process is complete I stop working from the photo. Pulling away from the photo I find allows me to rely on pure intuition. I also use figures from historic paintings such as Caravaggio’s, “The Entombment of Christ” and take a modern approach by depicting them in a sports scene. Recently, my work has evolved from depicting life as an athlete to now observing life after sports.